S t a g i n g

While staging is intended to prepare for your sale, an important result is that it becomes a means of preparing for your new home. Through cleaning out and de-cluttering, you will have the opportunity to throw out, give away or start packing for your move.

Understanding that needs and budgets will vary, we offer a variety of solutions and services to accommodate all budgets.

Preliminary  Consultation

This is a walk through indicating and advising the staging needs to the seller or the listing agent. The homeowner will take notes of our recommendations as the Stager explains what needs to be done. This will take approximately 2 hours of time and the recommendations are then completed by the property owner. The Preliminary Consultation is an economical option for DIY homeowners who would like to take on the responsibilities, time and effort. The benefit to the seller and agent is a list created to follow for everything that needs to be addressed to present the house.

There is an hourly fee.

Evaluation Report

We will walk through  the property evaluating the staging needs. Depending on the size of the home, it will take about 2 to 3 hours to review the property. This enables Hudson Valley Design to prepare an in depth report detailing the recommendations. This report will list suggestions that the seller can do to highlight the home’s appeal and prioritize the issues to address. The benefit to the seller and agent is a detailed list of all the work necessary along with recommendations of service providers to do the work. The listing will be prepared for showing. There is a flat fee depending on the size of the home.

Final Staging

After the recommendations are completed, we will complete the staging of your home. We will finalize all details from curb appeal to arranging existing furnishings and accessorize to make your home market-ready. HVD will do whatever is necessary to finish, polish and prepare your home. The benefit to the seller and agent is to obtain the best possible photographs and the listing will be ready for the sale. There is an hourly fee.

New Listing or Open  House

When a house is just about to go on the open market or prior to a weekend open house, we will work with the homeowners and/or Realtor doing hands-on staging. Depending on the amount of work, it could be 2 hours or 2 days to transform your home to make a great first and lasting impression.

Vacant and  Model  Homes

Hudson Valley Design can provide furnishings for vacant or semi-vacant homes as most buyers have trouble visualizing how an empty home is furnished. A staged property demonstrates that a home is livable. We can stage one room or an entire house, whatever your needs and budget allow.

Commercial  Staging

Today’s commercial real estate market is more challenging than ever. To sell or lease commercial  property, you need every possible advantage. Using staging techniques, Hudson Valley Design can enhance your property  to be as attractive as possible in order to increase the resale value, encourage higher offers and enable a faster sale.

‘Everything looks great !!! This will help get the contract and get it sold!!!! I look forward to doing more business in the future!’
Julie B.  Saratoga Springs, NY